Top 5 Most Expensive Cars to Maintain Over about the Ten Year Usage

The list of most expensive cars to maintain can be the ideas for you to consider before buying a car. It will be something good for you to know much more about a lot of choices of the cars which can be chosen. Surely, you will get the long list regarding to the cars which can be purchased based on your budget. They come from the various brands, with the various specs, performance, engines, and so on.

The designs will also be completely that really different from one car to another. That is why it can be really confusing for you to decide one of the cars which you will buy. They also have the plus and minus which might be different from one type to another. It makes choosing them to be a bit tricky. That is the reason why it is really important for you to consider a lot of things in choosing the right car to buy. Many people only consider about the price of the cars and also the features and designs as the main considerations in making a decision.

However, actually you could not forget about the possible common expense which you need to deal with in having such the particular cars. The cost in maintaining them becomes the important thing to be noticed since you have to spend the money for maintenance more and more. So, it is better to find the information about the cost of the maintenance for particular cars which you are interested in buying. If you want and need a car with the low cost including for the maintenance cost, it is great to consider the list of the most expensive cars to maintain below as the inspiration.

Sebring by Chrysler

Even though it has been no longer available, of course you might find the second hand or used ones. That is listed on the first place as the car with the most expensive maintenance. This car actually has the price for it brand new around $ 22, 000. Thus, how much to spend for the maintenance after ten years? That is about more than $ 17,000. Surely, that is something high and perhaps becomes the reason why that is not available again.

328 i by BMW

On the second place, we find a BMW car which is also listed as one of the most expensive cars to maintain. Over ten years of the use, this car requires the cost of maintenance is more than $ 15, 550. That might also even much more till about $ 17,000. That is why many people often said that this brand becomes the brands which often offer the cars with the high cost of the maintenance. This brand is said to be on the first place, which is then followed by Mercedes Benz.

Murano Car by Nissan

The next place is the car by Nissan which is on the third of becomes the most expensive cars for its maintenance. Over the ten years, the owners of the car spend more than $ 14, 650 for the maintenance. This is the SUV car which requires the high maintenance cost which can be completely that essential to be noticed.

E-350 Car of Mercedes Benz

This is such the car which is listed as one of the most expensive cars to maintain that is one the fourth place. This is a German car which is listed as the luxury one in its time. Then, it also becomes popular because of its expensive maintenance. Over the ten years, this car needs to spend more than $ 14,650 for the maintenance.

Cobalt Car by Chevrolet

This Chevrolet car is on the fifth place with the maintenance cost over the ten years about $ 14,450. That is such the high cost for auto maintenance over such those years. That is why it is on the list of the most expensive cars to maintain.

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