Top 3 Best Luxury Cars in the World

Top 3 Best Luxury Cars in the World | Luxury cars in the worlds are probably not that necessary but the luxury comes with the usefulness. Most of luxury cars, especially the best ones such as what we are going to discuss in this article, are really great at power, more good stuff in equipment, and they also offer the comfy that will never be offered by non-luxury cars. Other than that, they also push up the vital role in the industry especially in the vehicle industry.

Well, in this article we have top 3 best luxury cars available in the world. Check this out.

Mercedes S-Class Saloon

Top 3 Best Luxury Cars in the World

This one of the best luxury cars in the world is often imitated. But well, no one was quite equaled. Mercedes S-Class is the true definition of the “flagship”. Since decades ago there are several other luxury cars that tried to beat it such as Audi A8, BMW 7 series, and many more but as we said, no one was quite equaled. S-Class in nowadays is adapted the hi-tech in the car and the price is ranging from 69,000 Pounds up to 185 Pounds.

The pros of the car are such as the quietness like whisper, the technologies are already space-age, and the interior is just so glorious. And also there are several cons such as the best tech is only available for the top type, the prices for extras of the car are much more than average, and the car is pretty big.

BMW 7 Series Saloon

Top 3 Best Luxury Cars in the World

BMW 7 Series type is just the proof about the statement that a luxury car should also spoil the driver as they sit in there. Even the experience behind the wheel is sort of entertainment that describes the expense of coziness itself. This car is more into handsome than beautiful for real and it sold ranging from 64,530 Pounds up to 80,330 Pounds.

The pros of the BMW 7 new series are such as the technology has finally matched what the S-Class has, it also has running costs that really low which is good news, and also the gorgeous interior that cannot be doubted even in a wink. There are also several cons such as the price which is so expensive like most of luxury cars in the world, the styling style is the kind of nondescript, and also the engines are not always available with the trims.

Porsche Panamera hatchback

Top 3 Best Luxury Cars in the World

The old Porsche Panamera is a very fast car yet also one of the competent ones. But unfortunately, the look is pretty “challenging”. And the latest look of this car is more handsome and of course sleeker along with the some improvements on the performance and of course on the economy section. You can also have the 4-climate control inside the car. This car can be purchased starting from 88,700 Pounds up to 113,075 Pounds.

The pros are such as the performance which is more than good to drive and of course the speed which is staggeringly quick. Other than that, the look is much better and improved than the old one. The interior is also well designed and well finished as well.

There are also several cons such as the price which is limited but expensive, the very long options list which is also far from affordable, and also the size of the car makes it a bit risky to make maneuver.

Well those are the top 3 best luxury cars in the world based on our version. Which one do you like? Or probably you also have the suggestion of top 3 based on your own opinion? Please share with us!

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