3 Best Small Luxury Cars You Need to Drive

3 Best Small Luxury Cars You Need to Drive

sportscardsale.com | Best small luxury cars are what you need if you are a mobile person. It seems hard to go to one place to another if you have to drive a big car. Small car is the answer because you can easily handle it. The most important thing is that you are driving a luxury car and it keeps your confident, right? The list below shows to you what kind of small and luxury cars you need to consider.

Lexus RC

3 Best Small Luxury Cars You Need to Drive

Lexus RC is not only a small car but it is also an eye catching car. The best part of this luxury car is on its handling and riding. This 2016 car is coming with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The interior is complete enough to make you comfort inside the car.

It has Bluetooth, rear camera, satellite radio, Siri Eyes free iPhone and 10-speaker audio system. As a small car, Lexus RC is only supported by 4 seats. Besides choosing the Lexus RC with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, it is also possible for you to choose V6 and V8 engines.

This car is using eight-speed automatic transmission for the standard type. But you can also use the six-speed automatic transmission if you take the all wheel drive model. 2016 Lexus RC model is offered around $39.995 up to $62.805. It is small enough and it meets your need.

Audi A4

3 Best Small Luxury Cars You Need to Drive

Sometimes, you just need a simple, small, and luxury car to drive. If it is so, you just need to take Audi A4 in your best small luxury cars list. There are several main reasons why this car is a good option. Actually, it is because the chic interior and the high tech feature. Audi also tries to keep your comfort by installing spacious rear seats. Talking about the interior, it seems that you will see something different on its cabin. A luxury car can’t be separated with leather upholstery and high quality materials.

The features make Audi A4 is fun to drive. You will be accompanied with automatic climate control, USB port, MMI infotainment system, high tech audio system, radio, Wi-Fi connection for other devices. Audi A4 supports you need to connect your beloved device with this car whether you want to listening to favorite music or video. Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is a perfect option to accommodate the power of this small and luxury car. If you want to drive this car, you have to prepare around $37.300 up to $39.400.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

3 Best Small Luxury Cars You Need to Drive

There is a case that you need more than just a small and luxury car. You need a sporty car. It seems that Alfa Romeo Giulia will meet your need. Despite of its cool design, this car has hard handling, precise steering, and strong brakes. The incredible speed is the main strength of Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Just imagine that this car can reach 60 mph only for 3.6 seconds. This performance can’t be separated from the turbocharged 4-cylinder and V6 engines. While driving this car, it seems that you are driving a sport car. Definitely, you will have a comfortable interior with high tech features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Google Maps, and many more.

So, how much money you have to spend to buy this great car? There is no clear information yet about the price but it looks that this car will be classified in high cost car.

These three best small luxury cars are enough to show that you are able to drive a small car with your confident. The main point is that driving a small car doesn’t mean that it is uncomfortable. The best small luxury cars above know what you need most as a small car lover.

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